Here's the two official Maine state websites that will answer ninety percent of your questions about Maine: -- the official website for the State of Maine -- the official website of the Maine Office of Tourism

But Maine's a big state and anyone who has driven around here knows that sometimes THE BEST is found by taking the not-even-remotely-direct route.  The same goes for Maine websites.  So here are some suggestions for destinations off the beaten cyberpath.
What we bring you here is the nostalgic and quirky, the beautiful and awe inspiring, the controversial and compelling.  The Maine websites you might not find on your own.   And email us suggestions that we can add to the list.

Maine.Info -- We could "drill down" for hours here and still never see it all.  And they have a passion for keeping their information updated, complete, and accurate so you don't have a long ride to something that closed in '01.
Maine Hysterical Society -- Three very funny guys.  Watch the videos.
The Franco-American Heritage Collection -- Very extensive collections of documents and artifacts from Maine's Franco-American communities. 
Acadian Village Museum -- Outstanding presentation of Acadian heritage
Abbe Museum -- Celebrating Maine's Native American Heritage
Fishing In Maine -- All things fishy.  See bait worms and hear loons. 
Life In Maine -- A collection of essays.You will recognize your Maine here.
MCBFA (Maine Coon Cats) -- How to tell the purebreds from the wannabes.  And of course some of the best cat pictures.
Uncle Henry's -- Buy it, Sell it, Swap it. A Maine tradition for 30 years.
Portland Landmarks -- Take a virtual walking tour or two
Cliff Island -- Now and Then in an island community.
Maine Historical Society -- Lots of information, wonderful pictures
Old Sow Whirlpool -- Largest whirlpool in the Western Hemisphere.  Between Eastport, ME and Deer Island, N.B. Great aerial shot and water sound.  Scary.
Maine Fiddleheads -- Prove to your friends you didn't make that up.
The Humble Farmer -- Robert Skoglund comments on Maine and national events -- and society in general -- with the kind of dry humor that is so familiar to Mainers and so envied by politicians and other pretenders. 
Placebo Journal -- Dr. Douglas Farrago actually practices medicine in Maine.  He also practices the lost art of having a sense of humor about the current state of health care in America. The journal was started to bring some laugh therapy into the lives of doctors.  It works wondrous well for all the rest of us who must navigate the current medical maze. 
Moxie -- It's now Maine's official soft drink.  There's a long association of Moxie with Maine. Moxie's inventor, Dr. Augustin Thompson was born in Union and the Matthews Museum is building a new home for the famous 32' Moxie Bottle Stand.   Moxie Days festival is held every July in Lisbon Falls.  
Pine Cone and Tassle -- Looking for the source of your Maine roots?  This website specializes in Maine and its relationship to New England ancestry.  Lots of very useful links to genealogy resources in Maine.  They also publish a bimonthly genealogy newsletter on Maine Family History. 
Maine Blackfly Breeder's Association -- Their slogan is "We breed 'em, You feed 'em".  The annual convention is in early March in Machias.  Do you get bonus Frequent Flier Miles if you fly to a Blackfly Convention?  
Black Fly Roast Coffee -- NOT your soothing bedtime cuppa.  Their description of the blend of beans is "For the Buzz that Just Won't Go Away". 
Maine Foliage -- Official foliage site for the state of Maine.  Lots of foliage pictures -- some available for download as wallpaper, suggestions for trip planning to catch foliage at it's peak, and the answer to that nagging question "Why Do Leaves Change Color In Fall?".
North Woods Law -- Follow along with members of  the Maine Warden Service
on their law enforcement adventures around the Pine Tree State.  This Animal Planet television show will give you a new appreciation for the dangers and difficulties of their work.







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