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Maine's literary heritage is long and filled with every possible form of writing.  From the very first scratchings of Viking runes on Manana Island to the latest screenplays and HBO specials.  What we find at the heart of everything we read about Maine and it's people is a good story.  Finding a good story is finding a treasure.  We want to share the treasures of Maine writings with you. 

TO cover the breadth of writings about Maine would take several websites.  A daunting task.  So we will begin humbly by placing here some of our favorite Maine quotes and short excerpts.  We encourage you to visit the attributed source and read more.  And we welcome your favorite Maine quotes and stories.  They can be short excerpts (include source info) or your own original writing.  Email them to us at  .
"Cow Yard Tar -- One of many Maine-isms for a saltwater farmer.  A fisherman who grows a good garden or a farmer who goes clamming.  "Hayfield lobsterman" and "straw-sailor" are similar terms.  Depending on context, these terms may be either complimentary or not, and the combination is so important to Maine that the farmer and the sailor share prominence on the official state seal."
John Gould from MAINE LINGO


He rode through the October world, and it
Was the Apocalypse, the trees were lit
And blazed like colored bonfires on each hand;
The light came from inside a burning land,
He went between long rows of leafy suns,
The frost-struck maples, red and golden ones.
On the edge of Winter Summer stood
Beautiful in her spilt and fiery blood
So radiant the rider's throat grew tight
Seeing how death was trees with leaves of light.

He rode on with fire on his hair,
His griefs and troubles round him like the air;
He had always gone through fire, red sorrows,
Golden days doomed to be drab tomorrows.
All years were good, and good their deathly ends:
The sons begot and lost, the lost friends,
Sadness foot to foot with joy as a tree's
Shadow, the children gone from a man's knees,
Love briefer than brief Summer, gone for good,
And dark forever just back of the flaming wood."

Robert P. Tristram Coffin from APPLES BY OCEAN





Christmas in Maine
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