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Melissa Brassbridge ( ) -- Winter Haven,  FL
5/8/13 -- 12:01:31 PM

I was born, grew up and raised my family in Maine. I moved to Florida in 2005 for a better job. I didn't realize how lucky I was to have grown up in Maine until I wasn't there anymore. I love being in Florida too at this stage in my life, but there is still nothing like Maine. There are many things I miss from Maine, including family. I miss the leaves changing, the smell of burning leaves, the rocky coast line, the cold water seafood. I miss molasses doughnuts, Bean's red hotdogs and many other things that are synonymous with Maine life. I, however, do not miss shovelling snow, raking snow and ice dams off the roof and black ice!
There should be a store in Central Florida that only stocks Maine/New England goods. There are many transplants/exiles here that would provide a good sales base.

Charles Day ( ) -- Brunswick, MD
4/28/13 -- 04:46:23 PM

Just 41 days and it will be off to Peru, Maine for the summer.  As Denny Breau so nicely puts it. ” you can leave the world behind,  you can sooth your tired mind living like a tramp,  I got some whiskers on my chin, so don’t you look for me cause you’ll know I will be gone,  I’ll be gone, gone, gone.  Gone to Worthely Pond.”

Gerard Sawyer ( ) -- Hudson, FL
4/24/13 -- 10:43:10 AM

Born in Bar Harbor a looooong time ago.  Moved to Florida in 98'to escape the cold.  Love it here on the gulf coast, but still return to Maine every year in June to see family and friends.

Bob Cushing ( ) -- Lakeland, FL
3/6/13 -- 04:47:05 PM

My love for Maine will never die,the food,the people,the friends but those Cold snowy winterrs I gave up for the beautiful worm sunshine of Florida.

Donna -- St. Augustine, FL
3/6/13 -- 09:14:59 AM

Is there going to be a Maine Day in Fort Desoto this year (2013)?

Wendi Howard ( ) -- Dawsonville, GA
2/17/13 -- 08:03:50PM

Hi to all Mainers.  I have been away from you for a very long time. I have been back several times and just wish that my visits could be longer. Hope to get again soon.

Joyce Miller ( ) -- Ocala, FL
2/11/13 -- 07:02:25 PM

I live in FL for a year now but Maine will always be home.

D. M. -- St. Louis, MO
2/10/13 -- 07:12:54 PM

Left Maine to find a job.  It was a good place to grow up but I would be hesitant to raise a family there.  They would also have to leave in order to find work.  Can't say I miss the winters either.

Carol Blethen ( ) -- Portland, ME
2/10/13 -- 03:07:58 PM

I'm Back Baby!!  I'm not living in Exile in Texas.  I finally made it back 3 yrs ago

C. C. L. --Eddy, TX
2/6/13 -- 08:26:54 PM

Born and raised in Portland, Maine!  Oh how I miss it, but I will never forget where my roots are.

P.D. -- Waterville, ME
2/6/13 -- 12:16:36 PM

Hi, I see a lot of cars with maine plates in the Punta Gorda area.  I toot and wave but don't get many replies. Please smile.

Diane & Rudy Daigle ( ) -- Topsham, ME
2/5/13 -- 10:52:36 AM

Just heard about Maine Day in Bellview, Fl.
Would like some info about it, such as,
exact location, date, how to sign up, cost, etc.

Bob & Nonie Cushing ( ) -- Lakeland, FL
1/30/13 -- 04:40:22 PM

We are from Bangor,Me. Love Me. miss Me. but
this Florida 80%s in Jan. is for me !
We would love to hear from you

S. S. -- Huntsville, AL
1/25/13 -- 08:42:02 AM

While I am living in exile ..I must say it is by choice..but Maine will always be home ♥

J. B. C. -- Portland, ME
1/22/13 -- 08:15:23 PM

Hi Everyone,

I was born in Portland,and left when I was 20. I am now 72 and live in CT. I visit my sister who lives in Portland every month or so in the summer.
Maine has changed so much since the "Yuppies"
came. They make it hard for real Mainers to live in their own state.

I am happy I live so close to Maine.  Whats even better is that my sister sends me Amato's italians on my birthday in the winter!!

1/21/13 -- 05:53:33 PM

Is there a Maine Day in Beverly hills this year?

Samuel Null ( ) -- South Chesterfield, VA
1/15/13 -- 06:13:21 AM

I sprinkled my mother's ashes off a little isle in salt bay outside Sullivan. Still have a lot of family up there and so many memories....

Kellie T -- Phoenix,  AZ

I have been in AZ since July 2010 and was in central NJ for 6 years before that. Grew up in Saco and I am a proud USM grad (Portland campus). I don't miss snow, ice, or any of that ick weather. However, I do miss local food! Loved going to Amato's for italians, Ken's Place for clamcakes, Newick's for baked haddock, and whoopie pies. Hope everyone has a very Happy New Year!

Pete Dickson ( ) -- Canton, MA
12/29/12 -- 04:28:10 PM

Anyone:  Please send me an email if you know or knew or think you knew me.  Stephens High School (Rumford) Class of 1963 50th reunion in 2013, in Gorham, NH, I think!  Gorham State College (now USM) class of 1968.

Been in exile since 1970.

Scott Beckim ( ) -- Tucson, AZ
12/24/12 -- 04:01:10 PM

I was born In Augusta. I left Maine in the late summer of 1980, at the age of 18,and joined the United States Air Force.I traveled extensively around the United States, and finally came to reside in Tucson, AZ. I still have family up in Maine, and miss Maine all the time. I envision a move back from exile within the next 10 years or so.

Elizabeth Mann ( ) -- Seattle, WA
12/18/12 -- 02:03:33 PM

Born in Portland, but I don't miss Maine at all. When I figured out the lid was off the  jar, I left. I found real employment and a warmer, bug-free life on the West coast. Rust-free cars, spring full of flowers instead of mud. Ayuh.

Mary Finnegan ( ) -- Mesa, AZ
12/17/12 -- 09:43:08 AM

I moved to AZ 8 years ago because of my arthritis and my granddaughter was to be born out here. 

I miss my friends, and in the summer, I miss the temps there.  I also miss the scenery, especially the ocean and lakes.

B. G. -- Orange Park, FL
12/7/12 -- 05:46:39 PM

Left Maine 29 years ago with the belief I would return in a few years. Miss my home state greatly.  The bumpa stickah is right, "Maine, the way life should be."  Hope to be able to come back more often in the coming years.  You can take the girl out of Maine, but you can't take Maine out of the girl.

Linda -- Pensacola, FL
12/4/12 -- 12:49:09 PM

Again this year, pls allow me to recommend the Christmas in ME CD that this site offers.  The songs take this Boomer back to the days of my youth & is unequivocally my favorite Xmas CD.

Rae -- Maine Native,  Exiled in Denver
11/23/12 -- 05:04:32 PM

Just wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday season no matter where you might find yourself this year.

Devon ( ) -- Portland, ME
11/8/12 -- 06:39:16 PM

Hey Exiles!

If you are interested in a "healthy dose of Maine," check out North Woods Law on Animal Planet -- shot totally in Maine!  And Season 2 is right around the corner ... shooting now and airing in January 2013!


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