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Lorraine Jolin ( ) -- Jefferson, TX
4/16/15 -- 02:06:17 PM

Oh, how I miss Maine.  I was back there 18 mths ago.  And had such a good time.  Saw a lot of reletives.  But the snow was really heavy so we didn't get to see everyone or everything we wanted to see.  I'm hoping to go in the summer and stay a little longer.  I am exiled in Jefferson, TEXAS, Not many of us here.

Moughie ( ) -- Phoenix, AZ
4/15/15 -- 11:49:13 PM

I missed Maine so much that I transferred back with my job one year ago last September. In December I slipped on a wet leaf and broke my right wrist. In March, I slipped on a frozen puddle and broke my left wrist, later requiring surgery. I moved back to AZ last June. Still miss Maine terribly but there is nothing to slip on in AZ:(

w. brewster bird ( ) -- visalia, CA
3/18/15 -- 05:40:26 PM

Howdy folks, though born in a hospital in a major city south of Kittery Maine Further south than Portsmouth, nh,( Boston, Massachusetts) my father was a summercater during his youth in Harpswell, Me, specifically Cundy's Harbor. I summered there every year until we moved there in 1966. moved on three years later to Orono, then out of state back to Massachusetts ( Concord-Carlisle area), summering in Maine, then moving back in 1971. Went to Harpswell Island School, Orono Junior High,Brunswick High-though a 'tuition' student- never attended Mount Ararat (S.A.D.75), moved to New Mexico in 1972-graduating h.s. there in 1974, worked for Warren's Lobster House Kittery, 1974-75,built lobster pots in Freeport, worked for Stinson Packing in Bath, Maine during the summers, went to Camp Bishopswood in Hope Maine,Worked in Kittery, Maine, was a member of the Kittery Point Fire Department, mowed yards all around the south coast area until 1989 when our number 1 son was born, at York, Maine, then we moved to California, where the car broke down and we have been since. ( alrighty, the car didn't breakdown.. we used a moving van).

3/4/15 -- 06:35:11 PM

Born in Madawaska; raised in Saco. Now in Perth, Western Australia after Seattle, WA. Nowhere is really like Maine. I've seen beaches all over and they don't come close. I've seen forests all over, nothing like Maine. After a snow-less place like Perth, I really miss the snow. Mostly...I miss the people. Cheers from Down Unda.

J.F. -- Harpswell, ME
2/28/2015 -- 02:21:24 PM

Born and raised in the town of Harpswell. I'm off at college in Spokane WA, I'm completely landlocked, and it is killing me. Really missing the Atlantic right now.

Bob -- Fayetteville, NC
2/17/15 -- 12:2458 AM

Getting ready to eat some MAYPO and remember my days of youth in Maine. Born and raised in Eddington and exiled since 1977.

B. L. -- Auburn, NY
1/25/15 -- 03:09:52 PM

I was stationed there in 92-93 (Loring AFB) finally found a posting I love and...........they closed the

Andi -- Stayton, OR
1/22/15 -- 05:35:56 PM

If it wasn't for Amatos and New England style hot dog buns shipped to us frequently I would still be homesick after almost 46 years and living in Oregon.  I am a proud parent of 7 and they are all addicted to Amato's. We do get back to Maine frequently and hate leaving everytime.

ivon -- chicagoland, IL
1/6/15 -- 12:27:45 PM

looks like I'm the first post in 2015 - I miss HOME and miss my family there (mother, miscellaneous cousins/nephews, etc) - there's NO place like home!

J B C --  Benson, AZ
1/5/15 -- 09:59:23 AM

How fun! Another friend, living in exile, just shared your site with me. Maine is certainly a state of mind and way of living that never leaves the exile! I was raised in the Rumford/Mexico area of Maine. I've lived in the SW for 41 years, much longer than in the Grand Ole State of Maine; however, my ancestors and beautiful childhood memories are all still buried there, and in my heart!

Anthony L Ellis ( ) -- Lincoln, NE
1/5/15 -- 06:35:57 AM

I was born in Presque Isle/Loring AFB where my dad was stationed. Left too young to remember anything . I love cold temperatures and hate the heat & humidity of the Midwest. I watch "Down East Dickering" & "Mountain Men" , I am fascinated by shows about Maine. Would LOVE to ride my Harley up some summer !
Jean B. ( ) -- dayville, CT
12/29/14 -- 12:28:16 PM

I am an OLD exile from Maine. I am 74 years old and live in CT. Wishing I could see or hear from old friends. Worked for Human services in child protection in Maine.

Alice ( ) -- Rochester, MI
12/22/14 -- 03:20:29

Hi, All.....haven't been heah in awhile!  Just ordered some whoopie pies and lobstah!  I have been heah (michigan) longa than back home where I grew up, but Maine/heaven will always be home,  I miss everything!

Joanne ( ) -- Portland, ME
12/16/14 -- 11:00:05 PM

Hi all Maine natives ...wherever you are.
Born and raised in Portland .. living in Pennsylvania ...but still feel like a homegirl.

mike ( ) -- Citrus Springs, FL
12/1/14 -- 06:32:39 PM

Here we are on the golf course in citrus springs florida and believe it or not we are thinking of selling packing up and moving back to our home in Stockholm maine which is on the way to nowhere and has 250 people if they are still all alive -- We miss looking up and being almost able to touch the stars -- the clean water -- the maine smells -- mind the moose the genuine people the whole damn thing are we crazy or is the pull to great -- question (wheres this rode go? Answer -- Don"t go nowhere stays right there -- a-- I miss it

Chris -- Portland, ME
11/5/14 -- 11:10:40 AM

Lived in FL 2 yrs and finally back in Maine!! OMG I thought I would never be able to go back to my ME home, and FL was utterly miserable. I love seeing the leaves changing now and being able to smell them and the lovely smell of woodburning stoves. No more icky swamps loaded with drug addicts and oppressive heat, racism and the rest of it. Thank GOD for Maine is all I can say.

Mark -- Waymart, PA
10/30/14 -- 07:26:06 PM

Left to pursue a dream. Found it and now am considering going home. Miss the family, church family, and old co-workers. Miss the snow, don't have snow like northern Maine in NEPA.

Terry ( ) -- Wenatchee, WA
10/23/14 -- 08:16:47 PM

I was born on the Loring AFB and at the tender age of 11 months was forced to move to Washington state. I am the only Mainiac in my family, so I have never been understood by them!

Barbe -- Aurora, IN
10/14/14 -- 07:24:14 PM

Where is everyone, feeling homesick tonight. I left Maine in 1972 I sure miss Maine in the Fall, in the spring, in the summer...Not so much in the winter ha ha

Janice ( ) -- Tallahassee, FL
8/24/14 -- 01:34:37 PM

I'm originally from Millinocket. I left in 1979. I married a guy in the Navy. I miss Maine alot. Miss the people, culture, food, clean water, lakes, oh heck, I just miss it. I've never felt like I fit into the southern culture. If there is anyone in the Tallahassee area that's from Maine, send me an email. I'd love to connect.

Elaine -- Pineview, TX
8/18/14 -- 07:52:07 PM

Miss the mountains, miss the crucnh of the fall leaves when hiking,& the nip in the air.

C. L. -- Mansfield, OH
8/16/14 --  12:41:11 PM

Grew up in the Norway/South Paris area. Left Maine - Husband's Job. I miss the fresh water and Rivers, Rocks, Lakes and Ocean. I am now in Mansfield, Ohio. All the water around here is muddy, drinking water taste funny, Lake Erie is just a big Mud Puddle.

Lorraine A. Jolin ( ) -- Jefferson, TX
8/2/14 -- 11:45:51 AM

I just wonder if there is any Maine exciles anywhere near where I live. It's 3 hours east of Dallas, about 45 minutes west of Shreveport, La. I hadn't been to Maine in awhile, so my youngest daughter and I went the week before Christmas last year. It was so great, lovely snow, got to see a lot of cousins and the beauty was still there.
type to you later, Lorraine Jolin, Jefferson, Tx.

Cory ( ) -- Madison, WI
7/30/14 -- 06:20:52 PM

Born in Portland, lived in Cumberland Ctr, then SoPo, just celebrated our 20yr high school reunion. Have lived in WI for 16yrs.

Jen Johnson ( ) -- Liberty Township, OH
7/29/14 -- 07:56:19 AM

Double Exile. I grew up in Maine, lived in Virginia for 12 years, moved back to Maine for five, good job got transferred to Ohio just when the economy tanked in 2009 - so hear I am in Ohio. We are looking to move back to the lakes area in 2017 when my daughter graduates HS.

HBM -- Mint Hill, NC
7/26/14 -- 10:56:49 AM

I've been living in exile since 1997. Born in Bridgton and spent most of my young life there. Then lived in Old Town for 10 years.

I miss the smell of the ground thawing out during mud season. I miss the crisp October days when the trees are in color then at the top of Hio Ridge looking across to Mt Washington and Pleasant Mt, it was just beautiful.

Susan ( ) -- Perkasie, PA
7/13/14 -- 05:29:54 AM

I've been living in exhile since 2003. Lived in Florida for 11 years before moving to Buck's County PA. While it is a lot closer(driving distance) I still am feeling the pull of Maine to come home. The area we are in now is beautiful and much better than Florida's not Maine.

Bob Brown ( ) -- Fayetteville, NC
5/23/14 -- 03:43:09 PM

In exile since 1977. Miss the seasons, trout, salmon and deer. Snow here in NC is few and far between, and these Rednecks go crazy at a dusting. They think the world is ending. Hope everyone left in the Pine Tree State has a safe summer. Eat some fried clams for me.

Kevin -- Columbia, SC
5/8/14 -- 07:59:29 AM

As I sit here on the back deck (yes, I still call it the back deck cause it's such a Maine expression) on this cool May morning, it reminds me of being home. I can close my eyes and hear the wind in the pines, the bird song, smell the cool air and be reminded of the thousand mornings I woke up to Sebec Lake or the long walks on the Penobscot near my house in Brewer. Maine will alway be home. No place could ever hope to measure up to the magic and beauty of the Maine woods. I miss the warm summer days, the coolness of autumn and even the majestic and frosty winters. But it is what it is. Someday I will return and probably bitch about the cold and snow all the while secretly loving the fact that I am, at long last, home.

Darcy -- Warren, VT
5/6/14 -- 04:10:06 PM

Have been exiled from Maine for 13yrs now. I was born and raised in Maine. Born in Portland, raised in Sabattus. I miss the ocean every single day!! I lived in the Bath/Brunswick area through my 20's and early 30's, Cundy's Harbor just before moving to VT. I miss the real kindness and friendliness of Mainers.

T. S. -- Palmer, MA
5/2/14 -- 10:08:39 AM

Born in Houlton, Maine Living in exile since 1954. Still miss home so much.

Jeff -- Spring Hill, FL
4/11/14 -- 07:32:23 PM

I lived in Maine for 16 years, before moving to Florida. I remember how much I longed for warmer weather, and more excitement..

Now 14 years out of Maine, all I want to do is escape this miserable heat and humidity, and over population. I miss my long walks, along abandoned train tracks I miss the isolation, and the crisp cold air of the winter.

I wish I were back in Maine.

D. M. -- Madawaska, ME
3/22/14 -- 04:21:44 PM

I was born and raised in Madawaska in Aroostook (The County)Maine. I lived in Florida for 20 years then moved back for 10 and now I'm in the Tulsa area.

V. L. G. -- Saint Augustine, FL
3/2/14 -- 07:23:08 AM

When is Maine day in Florida this year?

Bob -- Fayette, NC
2/13/14 -- 11:40:16 AM

Ayuh, just a dusting here compared to the real snow up in the County.

Karen -- Aiken, SC
2/11/14 -- 02:01:22 PM

Holy Fright! Am I in SC or Maine? Two weeks ago we had a couple inches of snow; tonight we may get an inch of ice!!! Gorry dearie, and me without a woodstove or a generatah! I hope all you Mainers in Exile in the southeast stay warm over the next couple days. We're getting a Nor'easter!

Margaret ( ) -- Hull, Yorkshire, ENGLAND
2/2/14 -- 02:06:04 PM

Hi (family history)
Trying to make contact with James Bernard O'Kane's family. We are connected through Joseph O'Kane born 1841 Belfast, he was my Great Grandad. I know James (Jim) now lives in Long Beach ca but cannot make contact, can anyone help.  Thanks.

Pat ( ) -- Syracuse, NY
2/1/2014 -- 03:00:36 PM

Hello, lived outta state for 33 yrs. born on Brunswick raised in Bowdoinham on the Post Rd. Left to see Calif and Pacific Ocean. Divorced and would like to meet some one else from Maine for friendship and familiarity.

Jan -- Leesburg, FL
1/8/14 -- 02:33:47 PM

When is Maine day in Beverly Hills, FL?

K. A. -- Cooperstown,  NY
12/30/13 -- 03:17:42 PM

Exiled in Cooperstown, NY for 43 years. I miss clam chowdah that is actually fit to eat.

ps: grew up in Leeds

C. F. -- Ashburn,  VA
12/19/13 -- 10:55:47 AM

Hi, and thank you so much for our "Christmas in Maine" tape. You sent it out the same day and it arrived just when we needed it. We have had this tape for years and could not find it, and when we saw your site decided the best place to get it was from a Maine business. We are born and raised in Maine. This tape has brought us many hours of laughter and fun, and cannot wait to start that tradition again.

Susan -- Palm Harbor, FL
12/18/13 -- 07:56:09 AM

Was home in Maine in the wintertime for the first time in over 20 years. Just in time for the freezing cold & the big snow storm on Sunday! Defintely got to experience winter again. Luckily our Sunday flight was not cancelled & was able to get away on Sunday night. Had a great visit!

Linda -- Pensacola, FL
12/15/13 -- 07:23:51 AM

Steve in Gulf Shores & Bob in Lakeland, do you know this FB site: You knew you grew up in Bangor, Maine when . . . It's an open group. Ck it out.

Alice -- Rochester, MI
12/12/13 -- 03:26:09 PM

I left home at 18 to join the army; from a little town....Old Town to San Francisco at the height of the Vietnam war,hippies, peace, drugs, et......major culture shock.......I wrote a book, Sanctuary of the Soul (meaning....home). I miss everything; food, people, the exquisite beauty. writee to me if you are anywhere in the flatlands of Michigan! e: to all in exile, Alice.....Sophomore at 67!

Donna ( ) -- New Hampton, NH
12/11/13 -- 04:37:23 PM

I moved to Maine in 1996, left in 2001 to live in FL ... hated it. Returned to Maine in 2004, forced to leave in 2009. I found Mainers in Exile while living in FL and I loved it. My family is in NH, so, here I am.

Larry Booker -- Brewer, ME
11/11/13 -- 01:48:24 PM

I travel between Maine and Southern Oklahoma several times each year. I have several "mainah's there who ask me to bring them impossible foods and items to get out Fluff, Jordan's red hotdogs and square cut rolls, Humpty Dumpty chips and even fresh, live lobster! If any one wants to fill that longing from home with a special item(s)or to be added to my list. just let me know. I am headed out tomorrow with all that and more. I've even transported a pair of steers from Dover to OK!!

Terry Cummings Buchanan ( ) -- Manassas, VA
11/7/13 -- 04:43:46 PM

Born and raised Portland,summers on Thompson Lake. Love to hear from Mainers around here Va,Md.Dc.,or anyone from Maine !

Dena ( ) -- Avondale, CO
11/5/13 -- 10:00:20 AM

I want to wish all my fellow Mainers in Exile a great fall and a Great Happy Thanksgiving as well. For me " there is no place like home" and my heart will always be in Maine. :)

Mark Miller ( ) -- Tyler, TX
10/15/13 -- 02:36:41 PM

Born and raised in Caribou graduated 1973. Have lived in Florida, Tennessee, Georgia and now Texas is my home I love it here. Traveled back to Maine twice this summer the economy is hitting people really hard there. I don't miss the snowbanks and cold weather I feel alot better living here in this region. Jobs are in any direction you look the economy here is booming employers are crying for workers. Gasoline is 2.89 a gallon and dropping daily. It was a beautiful pair of visits back in the northeast but I'm going to stay here and enjoy the ride. I do miss the crystal clear lakes and streams tho...and my boat tied up at the dock. :7(

Kevin ( ) -- Columbia, SC
10/14/13 -- 10:17:10 AM

Another day in not so sunny Columbia. Keep thinking I should start a blog..something clever like "Blue in a Red State" or some such nonsense but the truth of the matter is I am just to sad and lonely to be witty right now so I'm just gonna sit here and smile at my neighbors and my partner and try and pretend everything is alright but the truth of the matter is that it's not. I am, if nothing else, a stoic and self controlled Mainer and not given to the sentiment of sharing my feelings. It will get better, it has to because I don't know how much longer I can hang on and pretend.

9/18/13 -- 11:37:04 PM

Hi everyone-retired to the sunshine state-I'm originally from Texas and my wife from Houlton Maine.

Michelle -- Pearland, TX
9/3/13 -- 02:06:51 PM

I was born in Portland but I have spent the last 22 years living in exile while I followed my military husband around the globe. We currently reside in Texas and let me tell you Texas is no Maine! I miss the smell of the ocean without the tinge of oil and burning chemicals. I miss the way the leaves turn bright red and orange and the air smells crisp in the fall. I don't know when or if we will ever make it back to live in my beloved Maine but rest assured there is NO other state as great as Maine! I've seen em' all and they don't compare. Love you Maine and fellow exilers stay wicked strong!

Steve -- Gulf Shores, AL
8/9/13 -- 02:55:52 AM

Born in Old Town and retired from BIW

M. A. S. --  Manchester, NH
7/18/13 -- 05:22:02 PM

Born in Lewiston; grew up in Auburn. Graduated from ELHS 1967. Went to Colby for 4 years in Waterville. Then went to South Jersey near Philadelphia and lived there for decades & that also became home. Had my family there. Returned to ME to take care of my mother 2002-2006 but I'm now in NH. Miss the coast of Maine and my old friends.

G. F. -- Atlanta, GA
7/10/13 -- 12:03:43 PM

Finally headed back after a 7 year exile. I am in hopes to see only changes for the good. Looking forward to seeing my family and  old haunts, both  good and bad . Flying in t Portland and driving the rest of the way home. See you on July 13, 2013. I will have my birthday , in my hometown, the following day.

F. W. -- Zephyrhills, FL
7/5/13 -- 04:54:42 PM

I was born and raised in Portland ,Maine and I miss it very much. I retired three years ago from Sappi Fine paper. If there is anyone from Maine in this area please e-mail and we can talk about home. Haven't been back yet, but I plan on going back soon. I don't miss the snow , but Maine is so much better living and I really miss the Fryeburg fair.

Johathan -- Holly Hill, FL
6/19/13 -- 05:13:09 PM

Born and raised in Rumford, and of course away for too many years. I am very pleased to see this excellent site on which old friends post their messages.

Katharyn Thompson Stoddard ( ) -- Jersey Village, TX
6/3/2013 -- 03:09:58 PM

Born in Limestone Me. Aroostook county.Class of 56 but went to Univ of Wisc, Madison fall of 55-56.  Been to Canal zone, Md. Illinois,back to Maine 2x for a while.Would love to hear from LHS classmates-havn't made any reunions.  Exiled to Texas now.

Arlene Conary Bradshaw ( ) -- Prunedale, CA
5/30/13 -- 10:45:44 AM

Been a long time since I was here so just wanted to snoop!  Anyone out there from the Orland/Bucksport area?

D. P. -- Sarasota, FL
5/24/13 -- 01:45:36 PM

I have been living now a few years here in Sarasota, FL. We love it here but we will always be Mainas. We have only one license plate on our cars here so I was hoping that you had a plate that says Mainer Living In Exile for us to put on the front. We get a lot of news from Maine and come back in the summer for a while. Hopefully it won't snow this July 4th.

 C. G. -- Las Cruces, NM
5/16/13 -- 06:40:02 PM

When I have no more obligations left in New Mexico, I am selling everything and going home to Maine. I have lived in New Mexico for 55 years now, and have always wanted to come home. I know that I can't recapture all that was lost, but I can damn well decide where I want to live in the final chapters of my life.

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